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Used Books Market    
Used Books Market
You may want to try this service if you have used books, eg. used textbooks, story books or magazines to sell or you may want to buy some. The requests to sell or buy are listed on "Items Available" and "Items Wanted" listings respectively.
Before you proceed, please read the following terms and conditions of using this service carefully.
1. Only active members can list their request(s). But, all visitors can search through the listings.
2. LetsStudy, the owner of this website, reserves the rights to pull-down any listings that are deemed inappropriate and/or illegal, eg. unhealthy books, magazines, etc.
3. LetsStudy cannot guarantee the accuracy of information contained in the listings.
4. LetsStudy shall not be held responsible when unhealthy and/or illegal items are listed. However, once discovered, we shall remove them from the listings.
5. This service is free, LetsStudy does not receive any revenue from providing the listing space. Contact the person-in-charge of the items directly.
6. LetsStudy shall not be held responsible for any transactions carried out based on the information provided in the listings. Buyers and sellers are at their own risks.
7. Every active member is restricted to list a maximum of twenty (20) items, buy or sell.
8. LetsStudy reserves the rights to discontinue this service without prior notice.
9. Users of this service are deemed to understand and accept the terms and conditions stated above.
**Concerning how to use this service, click here.