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Practice 1

 A particle P moves in a straight line through O so that at the time t seconds, its
 displacement s from O is given by cm. Find
 (a) the initial velocity of P,
 (b) the initial acceleration of P,
 (c) the time when P first come instantaneously to rest and its distance from O at
    this instant.
 A particle P moves in a straight line and passes a fixed point O with a velocity of
 cm/s, where t is the time taken in seconds after passing O. Find
 (a) the times when P is instantaneously at rest,
 (b) the velocity of P when its acceleration is zero,
 (c) the total distance travelled by P in the first two seconds.
 A particle P, at point O, starts to move in a straight line from rest with an
 acceleration given by where t is the time in seconds measured
 from the start of the motion. Calculate
 (a) the velocity of P after 0.5 second,
 (b) the value of t when P is first instantaneously at rest,
 (c) the maximum distance P travelled from O.